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Step 1:
Biochem/Histo/Path | CV | Derm | Endo/Repro | Genes | GI | Heme | Infection/Immun | Neoplasia | Neuro/Psych | Renal | Resp/ENT

Step 2:
Anesth/ICU | Neuro | Ob-Gyn | Pediatrics | Primary Care | Psychiatry | Surgery

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Substance P's Project IM3 Launched!

My new project is now Project IM3. I'm working to complete the first audio- and video-based review for the junior year of medical school. The curriculum is also probably helpful for PA and NP students in their general medicine clinical rotations.

Visit for more details.

Don't worry; I may occasionally post music still and USMLE review lectures. But as an internal medicine resident, medicine is what I know best.

Thus, I'm sticking to what I know best.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AudioQuickHitz for Step 1 and 2 now 100% complete!

Here they are. Sorry for the delay, but intern year is taking a lot of my free time.

Each complete set is about 25 hours in length and sells for only $10.

USMLE Step 1 Complete
USMLE Step 2 Complete

Sorry this page has been silent for the last few months. I will be resuming vlogging and podcasting next week with my new series on Internal Medicine.