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Step 1:
Biochem/Histo/Path | CV | Derm | Endo/Repro | Genes | GI | Heme | Infection/Immun | Neoplasia | Neuro/Psych | Renal | Resp/ENT

Step 2:
Anesth/ICU | Neuro | Ob-Gyn | Pediatrics | Primary Care | Psychiatry | Surgery

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

AudioQuickHitz - Pediatrics Clerkship // USMLE Step 2

If you want the MP3 version of this review to take in your car or on your portable music player, you can purchase this package using the link at the right.

AudioQuickHitz for Third-Year Clerkships and USMLE Step 2

Learn the main concepts, and let Substance P worry about the details.

Did you ever wish you could have a drill sergeant who would quiz you for your USMLE preparation? Have you ever found yourself in the shower or cooking dinner and thinking you were wasting precious study time? Have you ever taken a road trip to visit your family and wanted to learn while driving? Have you sacrificed your work-out time to study for tests?

Then you need AudioQHz!

Study With Substance P has prepared the only comprehensive, inexpensive, high quality, quiz-based audio series to prepare medical students for USMLE Step 1 (coming soon), third year clerkships, and USMLE 2 Step CK. These AudioQHz key in on high yield concepts, common patterns, and crucial facts that will advance your knowledge base. Substance P pushes you beyond the typical medical school curriculum, helps you ace the Step exams, and makes you shine on the wards. Moreover, the quiz style encourages active thinking, and the constant switching of topics readies you for the reality of the Step exams and clinical medicine.

Residency directors cite third year grades and the Step 1 and 2 scores as three of the most important metrics in considering your residency application. Substance P will help you in these realms. To be a top-notch student, you need AudioQHz to expedite your studying and broaden your knowledge.

I am donating 50% of proceeds (beyond operating cost) to Medicens sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders and will continue to do so.

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